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The Explorations Series | Art in Newport

The Explorations Series

The Explorations Series

Exploring the Newport Museum and Art Gallery collections - themes

The Explorations series explores the permanent collections of the Newport Museum and Art Gallery, through a series of temporary art exhibitions in the public gallery plus an ongoing online archive. | Read more here

  • The Explorations series provides a frame to explore the permanent collections of the Newport Museum and Art Gallery, and address particular themes across the diverse range of artists, genre and art historical periods.
  • Each project showcases rarely seen works belonging to the permanent collections of the Newport Museum and Art Gallery, and provides an opportunity for enjoyment, reflection and further conversation.
  • Each project in the Explorations series has been produced by John Wilson as Guest Curator, in collaboration with Roger Cucksey, Keeper of Art, Newport Museum and Art Gallery.


the poetics of PLACE


the art of COLLECTING


the art of the NUDE


Art collections - online

The Explorations Series:

  • was conceived as a demonstration project for the migration of a traditional art exhibition online;
  • hence exploring the traditional public educational mission of the museum and art gallery in the new Internet environment
  • - to promote access to the collections and their interpretation. | Read more here

Selected press coverage

Local press interest and arts reviews focussed on the new online dimension ; extending public access and adding value to the collections and their interpretation

The ART OF THE NUDE exhibition and the Sir Gerald Festus Kelly "Newport Nude" controversy proved newsworthy with features in the UK daily press followed by global exposure on the Web.| See news archive THE ART OF THE NUDE

22 - 23 July 2008: "Banned brazen nude"

Daily Mirror | Daily Mail | Daily Telegraph

"Newport has a wealth of art treasures (...) But with space at a premium, just five per cent of the gems are on public display.| Now public watchdogs are to look at how to increase public access to the collection, which could include virtual viewing. | Cllr Davies suggested the authority's culture and recreation scrutiny forum should examine the issue.| Earlier this year, we reported how Newport's Keeper of Art Roger Cucksey and guest curator John Wilson launched the gallery's first ever on-line exhibition, Documenting the City [ see here ].| A varied programme of temporary exhibitions is presented by the Art Gallery (...). Officers point out in the report that the art "is an important visitor attraction which can make a significant contribution to tourism, thus aiding the economic regeneration of the city"

"Painstakingly, scouring not only Newport Museum and Art Gallery's own collection but also council offices, committee rooms and annexes, Roger Cucksey and friend and colleague John Wilson have amassed an actual and virtual art collection telling Newport's story from its rustic beginnings, through its flowering as an industrial Hercules in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to the re-invention of itself as a city for the 21st century | : News archive

"The way the public accesses the collection could be about to change forever, if an exciting new venture by Mr Cucksey and guest curator John Wilson is allowed to develop. | They are launching the gallery's first ever online version of an exhibition, "Documenting the City" on May 11 (...) Long-term, this now opens up the possibility of creating an online catalogue of the collection, allowing a wider public than ever before to access this tremendous local resource, not least schools, art students and young people".

John Wilson, 31 July 2008 | Art in Newport | The Exporations Series

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