Friday, 12 February 2010

New Book - History of Newport's University

The ART IN NEWPORT archive was a key source for a recently published history of the University of Wales, Newport.

Peter Brown's lavishly illustrated and entertaining No more worlds to Conquer: The Story of Newport’s University (2009) rises above the usual dry as dust institutional history, to connect with the social drama and radical history of Newport.

The author draws extensively upon the ART IN NEWPORT series of projects exploring art and society in C19 & C20th Newport: James Flewitt Mullock and the Victorian Achievement, Documenting the Twentieth Century, Documenting the City.

Public Art in Newport

Update | A new section on Public Art in Newport has been added to the ART IN NEWPORT archive:

Public Art in Newport | Newport has been celebrated for its public art in recent years. Far from the dreary dramatis personnae of Victorian dignitaries and captains of industry that one might expect from a British industrial city, the city of Newport stands out for its challenging series of modern public sculpture commissions of recent decades.

Newport's recent public art engages a popular sense of history, celebrating the city and port's proud industrial and maritime heritage and the vital democratic legacy of Chartism. Newport's public sculptural landmarks belong to the wider social drama of the city's post-industrial economic regeneration.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The new ART IN NEWPORT archive

Announcing the new ART IN NEWPORT archive.

With Google Sites replacing Google's previous websites tool (Google Page Creator), I have taken the opportunity to build this central archive.

A series of exhibitions exploring the permanent collections of the Newport Museum and Art Gallery | Projects | News

[1] Place

Produced by John Wilson, Guest Curator in collaboration with Roger Cucksey, former Keeper of Art, Newport Museum and Art Gallery.

Cartoon published in the South Wales Argus, May 2007; reproduced here with permission.