Monday, 23 July 2007

THE ART OF COLLECTING | Video of Exhibition Opening

| An exhibition of paintings from the permanent collections of the Newport Museum and Art Gallery | Curated by Roger Cucksey and John Wilson | July 2007

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The exhibition THE ART OF COLLECTING opened on 20 July 2007 - the same evening as the opening of a travelling exhibition at Newport Museum and Art Gallery - and will be on display for several months.

"A museum is like a living organism: it requires continual and tender care; it must grow, or it will perish" | Sir William Flower, Essays on Museums (London, 1898)

"The Art Fund’s research exposes a real crisis (...) diverting museums from the central task of building their collections. | Lack of advocacy and support for collecting in both central and local government means there is a danger that the collecting habit is being lost, along with the skills and expertise necessary for it." | The Art Fund | The Collecting Challenge 2006

  • THE ART OF COLLECTING provides a public airing of works by some of the better known artists in the Newport Museum and Art Gallery's collection.
  • Over a hundred years in the making, Newport has quietly built up a public art collection of which it can be proud. The exhibition highlights the way in which the Newport Museum and Art Gallery's permanent collections have been formed through a fortuitous mix of private benefactions, public educational principles and curatorial nurturing over the decades.
  • The exhibition features a diverse range of mostly twentieth century works by notable British and Welsh artists including Sir Frank Brangwyn R.A., Christopher Wood, Alexander Stanhope Forbes R.A., Terrick Williams R.A., Sir William Russell Flint R.A., Dorothea Sharp, Merlyn Evans, Sir Alfred Munnings R.A., Patricia Preece, Edward Wadsworth A.R.A., Ceri Richards, Sir Kyffin Williams R.A., Sir Stanley Spencer R.A., John Elwyn, L.S. Lowry, Jeffrey Steele, and William Scott R.A..

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